"You know the newspaper."

Translation:Du kennst die Zeitung.

June 25, 2018

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How to know when to use kennen or wissen


"kennen" = to be aware that something exists, to be familiar with something/somebody (used with accusative object, never with a relative clause): "Kennst du das Land, wo die Zitronen blühen?" ("Do you know the country where the lemons bloom?" - Goethe), "Ich kenne den Bürgermeister gut" ("I know the mayor well"), "Kennst du die Frau?" ("Do you know the woman?"), "Wir kennen den Weg" ("We know the way")

"wissen" = to have knowledge of a fact (used with relative clause): "Ich weiß, was du getan hast" ("I know what you did"), "Ich weiß, wo er wohnt" ("I know where he lives"), "Er weiß viel über Fußball" ("He knows a lot about football"), "Ich weiß nicht" ("I don't know"), "Ich weiß nichts davon" ("I don't know anything about that"), "Weißt du, dass ich heute Geburtstag habe?" ("Do you know it's my birthday today?")

You can use both here: "Ich kenne / weiß die Antwort" ("I know the answer"). And "Wir wissen den Weg" sounds quite informal, but it'd work as well.


I'm so confused... There are so many verbs... I can't remember so many... And I would like to ask if it's "i know", is it "kenne" or "kene"

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