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"Wir sollten in die Kirche gehen."

Translation:We should go to church.

March 26, 2013



If "sollten" is past of "sollen, can the sentence mean "We had to go to church"? Also, what is the difference between "sollen" and "sollten" in the present if they both mean "should"?


i am sorry but, we had to go to church would be wir hatten in die Kirche gehen. The past tense would be, We should have gone to church. Can a native confirm?


How would one say: "We should have gone to church" in GErman?

Would it be something like this: Wir hätten in die Kirche gehen sollen ?


What is the difference between "go in the church" and "go into the church"? I was marked incorrect for using "in".


I believe "go to church" is "in die Kirche" while "go in the church" is "in der Kirche". :)


It is "in die Kirche" because "gehen" is a verb that shows movement and asks for accusative. A verb that shows a state asks for dative: "Ich bin in der Kirche".


Could you use "zu" in place of "in die" for "to church"? Like this: "Wir sollten zu Kirche gehen"


It would be "wir sollten zur Kirche gehen" but the meaning would be different. If you went zur Kirche you'd just be standing in front or inside of it. If you went in die Kirche you are attending church.


Is 'we ought to...' not the same as 'we should...'?

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