"Esst mit uns!"

Translation:Eat with us!

June 25, 2018

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There are 3 forms of the imperative in German, each corresponding to the 3 versions of the pronoun for "you":

  • "du" -> "iss mit uns" (giving an order to one person you would address informally)
  • "ihr" -> "esst mit uns" (giving an order to a group of people you would address informally)
  • "Sie" -> "essen Sie mit uns" (giving an order to one or more people you would address formally)

To conjugate the imperative, do the following:

  • "du"-form: Weak verbs use the stem (i.e. the infinitive minus -en/-n). Strong verbs either use the stem or use the stem with a vowel change.
  • "ihr"-form: Use the same as the present tense, but no pronoun (ihr macht -> macht!)
  • "Sie"-form: Use the infinitive, followed by the pronoun "Sie" (machen Sie!)


Danke. Very helpful.


Well, sure. I do like food!


In the associated lesson (Dat. Prep), "mit" is listed as meaning "from". Does it have multiple meanings, or is that just a mistake in the lesson (probably should have been von/aus)?

Either way, I was not able to find a way to discuss/report lessons, so I am posting here (for me, this was the first exercise involving "mit" in the Dat. Prep. chapter :) )


I can't find anything in the related lesson mentioning that "mit" could mean "from". Where exactly did you find this info?


As I mentioned, it was in the "Dative Prepositions" lesson - the mobile app version of the lesson (For some reason, the lesson shown in the web interface is very different from the one shown in the mobile app, and that is probably why you could not find the same info).

I would provide a screenshot, but this forum doesn't seem to allow image uploading... :(


It's the second time I have a word wrong because of a typo. I wrote ear instead of eat. The 'r' and 't' keys are next to each other.

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