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Is there a way to keep doing the shorter, easier lessons?

I really enjoy the first and second level of lessons and how they're shorter and easier. Sometimes I want to dig into a deep lesson, but often I just want a quick, 4 or 5 question lesson. It's more fun and I'm just doing this casually, so I'm fine with it taking many years to learn the language.

It would also keep me more motivated. I really dread the long lessons with a lot of translation. Whereas the short, easy ones are a lot of fun, and I actively enjoy them. Again, I'm just doing this for fun and am in no rush to learn the language. Some practice is probably better than none even if I don't want to go too deep.

Is there a way to repeat low level lessons?

June 25, 2018



You may want to grin and bare the harder lessons. They'll eventually become easy. I can get the 'hard' French lessons done in under one minute.


Oh wow, that's great to hear! Perhaps it'll get easier as I go then :)


If you’re not so keen on leveling up or gathering XP, why not quit a lesson whenever you’ve had your fill? Or you can use the prcatice function for the individual skills - same thing, just quit whenever.

You can access the skill practice here:



Thanks for the suggestion. The ease is definitely a factor too. More advanced level lessons tend to be harder and each question tends to be a bit more time consuming. So I feel like even if I just did 5 or 6 questions of a longer lesson, it would still take longer/be harder (and frankly, just not as much fun for me as easier questions). I haven't used the practice function for some time, but the last time I did, I found it quite in-depth/challenging as well. But those are certainly good suggestions and I'll keep them in mind as options. Thanks for the input :)


I can understand the approach of taking things easy. And obviously, the more advanced the skills become, the longer and more difficult the sentences get, and that can feel demotivating.

It sounds probably very counterproductive to your preferred way of learning, but maybe you could give it a try for a little while and really engage with the lessons and work through the hard parts. Invest a more time and make sure you understand everything new before moving on. Make use of the tips and notes and the discussions on the individual sentences. The lessons will become easier, and the longer sentences probably won't bother you anymore. Take notes on paper, make tables, or whatever else might help you to learn and remember stuff.

If you do too little every day, you will forget most of what you did the previous day and you'll have to start all over again (to some extent) every day, and the struggle continues.

If you could spend enough time to really grasp a new grammar aspect or use the new vocabulary, the easier and more rewarding the longer exercises will become because you'll get a bigger sense of achievement. And the motivation will be that you will notice much faster progress and a better command of the language. If Duolingo alone is not motivating enough, maybe try also other tools such as Memrise or watch instructional videos on YouTube. German has a couple of very well made courses.


I also feel like this sometimes... if I want shorter, easier lessons I use the app on the mobile, particually on lessons I have already got to level 5 on, I find the lessons a bit easier there, and I don't feel bad about levelling up on the easier mobile version.


Ahh, that's a great idea! I'll definitely try that. Thanks!


You can use the practice button (button with weight/barbell icon on mobile). It won't level up skills so you can keep practicing at your current level. The disadvantage is you can't choose what you practice.


Thanks for the suggestion. I'll try that and see how it goes :)


Sometimes, when I want to do a new lesson, I click on it and click on the light bulb. It will give me a short lesson to read and it really helps me understand it.

Ich hoffe das hilft!


I'll certainly try that. Brushing up on the grammar and written lesson beforehand is a great idea.


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