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  5. "jav boqHa' loS; chen cha'."

"jav boqHa' loS; chen cha'."

Translation:Six minus four equals two.

June 26, 2018



In the section on addition, the second number added was always put first in the sentence. Of course, it did not make any difference, because of the commutative property of addition, but it is disorienting that the number subtracted from now comes first in the Klingon sentence. I would recommend translating the addition sentences with the same order the subtraction sentences are translated in.


This is the order Marc Okrand presented addition and subtraction. http://klingonska.org/canon/2000-09-holqed-09-3.txt


I am not questioning his knowledge of Klingon (I'm sure Molor is a very good teacher), but I would still suggest a different translation into English. Just because one creates a language does not mean one always chooses the most felicitous translation from it.


loS boqHa' jav; chen nuq?


Good question. We don't know how to express negative numbers. It's one of the questions that we will probably be asking Dr. Okrand at the qep'a' this year.


The verbage in the reference makes it clear why it works. Four disassociates from six rather than six minus four. Of course that is nonsense in English.

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