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  5. "Whose dogs are they?"

"Whose dogs are they?"

Translation:Čí jsou ti psi?

June 26, 2018



When do we use psy and psi? I cannot understand the difference. I saw both in somilar sentences.l


psy is plural in accusative case (when the dogs are affected by something), psi is plural in normative case (basically nothing affects it). So "Čí jsou ti psi?" and "Vidím ty psy".


Why is " Ci ti psi jsou" incorrect?


It is actually possible, added.


I'm confused about needing to use ti in this instance. What is my clue that i will need definite articles?


These are demonstrative pronouns, Czech does not have articles. They are ised to specify you mean the particular thing already know about or the particular thing you are pointing to.


Just a comment! It seems that either finally they fixed the recorded voice for "Čí" or this particular question had it correctly (which would mean that this recording could be reused among the other questions where "Čí" Is present)


Fixed what? The sentence pronunciations were always correct. Is the word bank voice for čí correct as well now?

Edit: Yes, it appears they fixed it. Too bad, they have broken something else.


V nápovědě je: čí jsou To psi, ale ve výběru je Ti. Měli byste to To přidat, ať v tom není guláš.


Kam přidat? Je to uznáváno. Pokud chcete zadat odpověď, na kterou nemáte ve slovní bance slova, přepněte si na zadávání z klávesnice.

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