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  5. "I can't see you."

"I can't see you."


June 26, 2018



The hint for this question is SaleghlaHbe'??


As the English sentence is ambiguous as to whether the "you" is a single person or a group, both {qa-} [I-you(singular)] and {Sa-} [I-you(plural)] need to be accepted and/or appear in the hints.


Indeed -- that should be fixed now.

(Having just one of them in the hints and only the other being accepted is one of the worse ways of failing. Apologies.)


That's also a possible translation, depending on how many people you're talking to.

  • qaleghlaHbe'. "I can't see you." (speaking to one person)
  • SaleghlaHbe'. "I can't see you." (speaking to multiple people)

I've added the hint qaleghlaHbe' now and also added SaleghlaHbe' to the list of accepted answers. Apologies for the fact that the hints and the alternatives were incomplete and did not match.


Just a question Does the phrase "qaleghbe' " make any sense in Klingon? If I understand correctly, qaleghbe' = I don't see you qaleghlaHbe'= I can't see you Is that right? Is there any difference? Am I just lost?


That's right. qaleghbe' simply says that the seeing is not happening and doesn't comment on whether it might be possible. On the other hand, qaleghlaHbe' indicates that it is not possible for me to see you and we can probably infer from it that I'm not seeing you since I've said that it's not possible. And for a bonus, qaleghbe'laH does not indicate whether or not I can see you now, but states that the situation could occur where I can't see you.

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