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"Kolik tady pracuje žen s malými dětmi?"

Translation:How many women with small children work here?

June 26, 2018



I got this wrong with "how many women here work with small children." I understand that the main translation above is right, but I don't know what's wrong with my answer. If it is wrong, would someone please tell me why? (I reported it, in case it's actually okay.)


Wait, doesn't your sentence imply that the women are working with small children? That is not what the Czech sentence means, at least I do not read it that way. It would have to be ""Kolik žen tady pracuje s malými dětmi?"


Yes, my version anticipated that the "job" of the women was to work with small children in some way... teacher, babysitter, etc. Thanks for the clarification and for the correct Czech word order for that scenario. Hopefully, I'll remember it...


I think it is just missing. We have sometimes problem finding all correct positions of the adverbs, I am personally used to form sentences with in some most common forms and judging other forms is difficult for me.

In particular, in your sentence I feel that "here" is bound to "women" and not just to "work", but that that simply English using somewhat different constructions than Czech, I think.


Kolik žen s malými dětmi tady pracuje? It is a question how many women work here and each of them has an own child or more children. Kolik tady pracuje žen s malými dětmi? It is a question how many women work here and the children are an object of their job. I am native of Bohemia, Prague :) It is my opinion.


I have a different opinion. I think these two are, or at least can be, the same. To stress that the children are objects of the work I would use "Kolik žen tady pracuje s malými dětmi?"


Very funny, i had the same opinion like BhB. And even the Czechs have a controversy. Might be because the same lektion offers a sentence where women do work with children. : )

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