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2 websites for Geman learners to check out

This is a URL to the ARD. ARD is a German broadcasting company based out of Berlin with tons of interesting news stories, videos, and children's programs (under the "Kinder" tab). There's a lot of photos and most of the words they use are smaller and simpler as the German language goes, so even if you aren't very fluent yet you can hopefully get something out of the stories. ARD: http://www.ard.de/home/ard/ARD_Startseite/21920/index.html

Be sure to check out Neuneinhalb as well. It's very similar (I think the ARD may actually own Neuneinhalb, but I'm not sure) but orientated more to children. Neuneinhalb: https://www1.wdr.de/kinder/tv/neuneinhalb/index.html

Good luck and have fun!

June 26, 2018



Thank you for sharing these websites! :)


Any time... looks like you've been quite busy with your languages!


Ausgezeichnet! I've already shared the websites with a fellow German learner. Danke!


Great, thanks.


Wow, that really helped! I should give it a try. Danke!


I don't know if this page has been mentioned before in some other discussion, but I can recommend "Deutsche Welle". Tons of material. Possible to select different material depending on your language knowledge level, from A1 to C. Viel Spaß. https://www.dw.com/de/deutsch-lernen/s-2055

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