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Continuing German after 6 years in school

I've been learning German for the past 6 years in school and am very confident with my ability, but I'm not fluent yet. I'd like to continue learning it, but even after the assessment test this website is making me start from practically the beginning. Is there a way to bypass this or do I need to make my way through the basics again?

June 26, 2018



You can use the checkpoints throughout the tree to test out of a lot of skills at once


I think you already know more than Duo can teach you. I would try to find a more advanced course. Good luck


Once a skill is crown level one (blue), you can leave it that way if you feel you don't need to practice it. Or, my tip, keep it as a streak saver for days when you simply can't work.
Actually, once a skill is any color other than grey, it is open and you're free to review it as much or as little as you like. Your only obligation is to complete at least to one crown each row of skill to make the following available (purple). And as .yossarian said, if you're on the right side of the A/B, so have the test out fonction, you can try to pass your crown in only one go one each skill, if you prove capable of answering some twenty question with three mistakes or less and without hints. You shouldn't need too much time before you unlock the whole tree.

Viel Glück :)

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