"Nosotros nos lavamos el cabello a menudo."

Translation:We wash our hair often.

5 months ago



Shouldn't it be "Nosotros lavamos nuestro cabello a menudo"? What's the difference?

5 months ago


Whenever you're washing yourself (as opposed to another object like the dishes or the car), "lavar" is reflexive so you must the appropriate reflexive pronoun.

In other words:

Also, in Spanish, names of parts of the body are frequently preceded by the definite article (el, la, los or las, meaning "the") instead of possessive adjectives (such as mi for "my" and tu for "your"). In most cases, the possessive adjective is used only where the context doesn't make clear whose body is being referred to.

1 month ago


I also wonder.

3 months ago


Mendudo que es eso nosotros no usamos esa palabra. Para nosotros menudo es in caldo

5 months ago
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