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"Esse avião tem múltiplos mecanismos."

Translation:This airplane has multiple mechanisms.

March 26, 2013



Sometimes "esse" is translated "that", sometimes "this" ... Pretty weird I think that both should be accepted


Many complaints about it.... unfortunately...


Aren't "that" and "this" interchangeable here?


I dunno how duolingo is using this/that. I read some complaints on it. But, as a native speaker, if i heard this sentence, i would understand something near me, so in english i would translate as "this", not "that" which would mean aquele (things that are away)


Yeah, kind of confusing. The thing is that in portuguese you have esse, essa, este, esta, aquele, aquela... So can we say that esse and essa are synonyms of este and esta? Is there any difference between them? I'd be really thankful for your answer :)


In the spoken language, esse/este (masc) and essa/esta (fem) are the same. You'll find many more examples on the discussions along with the sentences. That will help you a lot. Here is just one place you may find that: http://duolingo.com/#/comment/233580


Thank you so much man!! I'll check it out :) I hope it helps me get rid of this confussion


But Duolingo has been switching them :( Here is a tip for demonstrative pronouns on duolingo: este/esta/isto: this (also 'it' for isto) / esse, essa, isso, aquele, aquela, aquilo: that.(also 'it' for isso) Estes, estas: these / esses, essas, aqueles, aquelas: those


My Portuguese dictionary defines mecanismos as (among other words) "devices".

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