"Tenho uma casa."

Translation:I have a house.

June 26, 2018



In British we say I've got a house

June 26, 2018


In London, we say: We can't afford a house.

September 2, 2018


[ Get a house. · ≠ · Have a house. ]

· Have got (have/has + got) is used to talk mainly about possessions or personal · For the past you use had without got. · learnenglishteens.britishcouncil.org/grammar/beginner-grammar/have-got ·

[ Get a cigar. · ≠ · Have a cigar. ]
[ May I have a cigar? · · · No! Get your own cigars. ]
[ Have a cigar. · · · Oh, thanks. I'll get one from the humidor" ]

[ Get a life! · hardly resembles · Have a good life. ]

[ Did you get a house? · No, we have a "home" in a hotel room. ]

[ Did you have a house? No, we never did get a house. The whole time we made makeshift homes from shelters. Sometimes we slept on the bare ground out under the stars. ]

[ Did you get a house? · Ah yes, hurray! We have a house now. We got the house we wanted. We just closed on it this morning. We have got a lot to do before we have the house as our home. ]

Get precedes have. You can't have what you didn't get. Using "have got / has got" references the notion that an acquiring action precedes the possessing or being status. Using "have" or "has" without "got" or "get" omits the consideration of the acquisition phase. Using "get" or "got" without "have" or "has" focuses on the acquisition rather than the subsequent possession.

[[ Granddaughter: How did you get that? ] [ Grandma: Oh that? I've had that ever since I can remember. It has been in the family for generations and was one of the few items my folks we able to bring with them when they escaped the occupation. ]

· [[ Caller: Hello, I'm calling to urge you to get home now. The roads are atrocious. ]· · · · · · ·
· [ Recipient: Thankfully, we don't have to try to get home now. We have been home for an hour already. If we had not gotten that early start, we may as well have stayed put. ]] ·

[ We have been getting a lot of rain. We have had so much rain today, the birds have not managed to get to the feeder as yet. ]

[ Do you have credentials yet? No, I get credentialed later. ]

[ I promise you, we will have such a lovely home once we get a house and have a family. ]

[ You didn't get sick? Oh contraire, I got sick, very sick. I still have symptoms. ]

[ Did you get the house in the inheritance? No sadly, we didn't get it, the trust has it now. ]

· Got · past and past participle of get · en.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/got ·

· Gotten · en.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/gotten · en.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/gotten ·

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October 25, 2018


Is tenho pronounced Ten or Ten-o

September 17, 2018


Ten-you (close enough)

November 3, 2018



March 12, 2019


In Portuguese the "nh" is like the "ñ" in Spanish

July 17, 2019
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