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  5. "jaghDaj HoH wo'rIv."

"jaghDaj HoH wo'rIv."

Translation:Worf killed his enemy.

June 26, 2018



What is with Duolingo telling us of the apparent Klingon murder sprees!


Klingons like to fight. Sometimes people die. tlhIngan Hol may not be a good language for the weak of stomach.


I answered with "worf kills his enemies" and it marked it as correct, but I don't think "jaghDaj" is plural? or is it bc the plural can be optional? theres no option for "my answer should've been wrong" aha


You are correct that the plural marker is optional and jaghDaj can be interpreted as plural even without it. Sometimes the pluralness of the subject and object is specific in the prefix and limits it, but the null prefix does not prevent this particular combination. Thus you were correct when you offered the translation of "Worf kills his enemies" as a possible translation.


thakyou for responding! out of interest, if I wanted to add the plural marker, would it be "jaghDajpu' " or jaghpu'Daj"? I'm thinking its jaghpu'Daj, but I'm not sure the order multiple suffixes should go/if theres an official order?


I'm thinking its jaghpu'Daj

That is correct.

if theres an official order?

There is.

Plural suffixes such as -pu' are type-2 noun suffixes while possessive suffixes such as -Daj are type-4 noun suffixes. 2 comes before 4 so it has to be -pu'Daj not -Dajpu'.

We don't teach the numbers explicitly but after a while, one order will start to "sound right" after having heard it several times.


oohh that makes sense, thankyou so much!


His/her = -Daj. Its = ?


Also -Daj.

Similarly, "their" is always -chaj, regardless of whether it belongs to chaH or to bIH.

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