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  5. "DuraS Suv wo'rIv."

"DuraS Suv wo'rIv."

Translation:Worf fought Duras.

June 26, 2018



Why can it not be Duras fought Worf?I believe this follows Kilingon's sentence order.


In both English and Klingon, the sentence means almost the same thing in either order. Yet switching the order creates a subtle difference in who you are describing as being the active participant. In the English sentence "Worf fought Duras," we are talking about what Worf did to Duras. We assume Duras fought back and that they fought together, but the sentence is really only telling us what Worf did. In a Klingon sentence, it's the noun that follows the verb that carries that weight and importance. Thus when wo'rIv follows the verb in the Klingon, "Worf" should precede the verb in the English.


This is interesting. Thank you

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