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Carriage Returns in Translations

Does anyone know how to put a carriage return into a translation? Some of the sentences I get are actually a heading followed by the first sentence of a new paragraph, so they really shouldn't be on the same line.

March 26, 2013



I'd prefer to have an option of normal carriage return on Enter. After all, there is no haste in translations, we can click Submit or press Tab and then Enter, so there is no reason for holding Enter for submitting and blocking carriage returns.

What do you think, Duo team? Is this possible?


+1 to this idea. it doesn't help that the return key is right next to the space bar and backspace key on mobile devices, so it's very easy to accidentally submit something that you are actually trying to type or correct - esp if you have large hands. super annoying.


Sometimes, if not most times, the text you are translating goes into a table (as most webpages are tables in HTML), so they have already taken into account formatting such as carriage returns, tabs, CSS, etcetera. But I have so many times accidentally hit the "enter" key instead of the "shift" key only to have my translation appear as something as ridiculously incomplete as, "Th" in its entirety and not be able to edit it, so I feel for you.


but when I try to hit 'shift'+'enter' to get a carriage return, it only recognizes that I hit 'enter'.

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