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  5. "Matěj se tvářil zklamaně."

"Matěj se tvářil zklamaně."

Translation:Matěj looked disappointed.

June 27, 2018



I would suggest "Matěj looked disappointed" as a more natural sounding way to say it in English.


The problem is that tvářit se is an active verb and is somewhat different from "vypadat", "to look like", hich is sort of pasdive, you can look somehow for many reasons, but "tvářit se" means you actively (voluntarily or not) make your face dissapointed.


I agree with the above comment that the English sentence really doesn't quite work. Because a face cannot be dissappointed, in English it just doesn't make sensem perhap's - Matej's face had a sad expression.


It might be active in Czech, but it has the same meaning in the end. You guys should always prioritize grammatically correct and unawkward translations, or you'll end up with courses not resembling any language due to accomodating all differences.


maybe something like "Matej showed a disappointed face"


A less common English usage would be "Matěj's face showed his disappointment" but I agree with others that the passive "Matěj looked disappointed" is better.

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