"They eat with friends on the weekends."

Translation:Ellos comen con amigos los fines de semana.

4 months ago



Why not Ellas and amigas?

1 month ago


I'm quite sure thats fine, just report it.

4 weeks ago


Pretty sure because that limits the sentence to only females, and the sentence doesn't give genders. If there is even one male being talked about, that sentence is wrong.

4 weeks ago


If we are talking about multiple weekends, shouldn't it be 'fines de las semanas' or something like that? When talking about multiple mondays we say 'los lunes'

2 months ago

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In short, no.
When talking about weekends, only the end (fine) part of the phrase is pluralised. It's the same in English where weekends is used, not weeksends.
I am just a learner so if any native speaker can explain this in a better way, I too would be grateful.

2 weeks ago


why not 'en' los fines de semana? "en la maƱana" is fine and so is "en la tarde"

2 weeks ago
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