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"'IH Hew'e' chenmoHta'bogh Hew chenmoHwI'."

Translation:The statue which the sculptor has made is beautiful.

June 27, 2018



İ do not understand how Hew chenmoHwİ', standing where it does, can be anything other than the subject.


Hew chenmoHwI' is indeed the subject of chenmoHta' "has made".

The subject of 'IH, on the other hand, is the relative clause Hew'e' chenmoHta'bogh Hew chenmoHwI' "the statue which the sculptor has made".

(You can tell that it's the object of that relative clause which is being "extracted" here because of the -'e' on Hew'e'. If it had said Hew chenmoHta'bogh Hew chenmoHwI''e', it would have been "the sculptor who has made the statue" -- then it would be the subject of the relative clause which is being "extracted" from the relative clause and used in the outer clause.)

Did that answer your question? If not, please ask again more specifically and I (or someone else) can try to explain differently.


That helped a great deal. Thank you. It took several sentences for me to understand how the topic marker was working here.

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