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How long should a Duolingo course take?

More specifically the German course. I've been learning German here for a few months and I feel like I don't progress quickly enough. How quickly should I move on to new skills?

June 27, 2018



In my opinion, each person has their own learning pace so it's okay if you take longer than others.


How comfortable are you with what you're learning? How well do you know the material, how well do you want to know the material? Something that helped me with the German Tree was doing the Reverse German Tree - it offers new words and sentences. Do you use other resources? My own suggestion is to take your time and build a solid foundation for learning German. Best wishes. :)


Only you could really tell. Duolingo is a wonderful tool, not a rigid teacher. If you feel comfortable with what you have already learnt (as in: you make a reasonable amount of mistakes, or they are multiplying out of boredom and frustration), do move on. Anyway, we're supposed to review each skill tens of times, and to space the repetitions to better assimilate the notions.

How long is too precise a question, as it depends on so many factors. Did you have any previous knowledge of the tongue? What's your age? (Don't tell: it's against the rules for you own safety, but it impacts your capacity. Too young, you have more difficulties understanding complicated grammar, too old, you have less retention and adaptation capabilities.) Is it your first language after your native, or are you already bilingual, or at least proficient in a second language? What time do you devote daily to Duolingo? Specifically to German on Duolingo? Do you study elsewhere, or practice in any way? Do you have a good ear, general good memory, how easy is it for you to mimic stranger sounds? What is your primary objective with German (fluent or basic conversation, reading easy/litterary/technical material, producing written work, using your new found skill in a professional setting, gaining school credit, having more enjoyable holidays in a German speaking country, or a longer stay…)
All this, and many more, could and will impact not only the time you'll need to master the tree, but the real benefit you'll harvest from it.

However, I wish you the best. This tongue is trully amazing, and so is Duo.


I started my German tree 5 months ago and have still 9 units left. Don't worry you're not slow ! You're at level 17 which is good in my opinion . Some units can be harder than others , if you want to revise them , do it . If you feel you want to study something new , do it . Apparently the German tree is one of the longest . I was a bit tired a short time ago , I thought there was still much to do left . That feeling passed.... a revision or a new unit is always good to do , we're learning !

Do you use Anki or Memrise ? It's faster to memorize the vocabulary than redoing the DL lessons . Do you try to go very high on the crown level before doing a new skill ? If so , I advise you to go to level 2 and move on ; revise a lesson from time to time but you will have time to learn a new unit .


If it takes you more than a month you did it wrong!!!


1 month?! That's insane. Please tell me you're joking.


You can complete a tree in one month but what would you understand and remember ??? If it's just game to you , you just need to complete a lesson and do the next one and do the next one and .... your tree is finished ! Not a good idea to really learn a langage ....


Nope!! Not a game. I learn language and good better than you


Do you have photographic memory or something?


Why would I be joking?


What????? You're kidding, right?



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