"This task is tricky. I don't want to do it."


June 27, 2018

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Shouldn't "tricky" be nao2tou2 挠头?


挠头 is "to scratch your head"


According to Hanping Pro the translation for tricky can be 挠头, meaning "tricky, problematic or difficult" but also "to scratch one''s head". There are also other translations for tricky, depending on the exact meaning .


……I agree that 麻烦 is definitely not "tricky" but rather "troublesome", but 挠头 is such a bad word to be used here...

挠头 is to scratch your head literally, and you usually scratch your head out of itchness or confusion or anxiety, that's why it symbolizes that you've met something "tricky", so that "tricky" is more of an action-associated meaning...

We hardly ever use it that way...it requires much literary ability to make it sound smooth in a sentence.

Please use words like 棘手、刁钻、难办/难处理,which are much more common and formal...

Even if you want to express "tricky" in an informal way, use 头大, as in 真让人头大, literally "That makes my head burst".


I'm wondering how 工作 got translated as "task"? For the life of me I couldn't figure out what they were looking for.


工作 means work. Work= a job, a task. The english translations get a bit indirect, it seems.

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