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Improve your Mandarin Chinese with the natives! #join our WeChat(微信) group


Hi there, as a language enthusiast, I am also a native Chinese from Beijing. I believe that in order to learn the real thing, we neeed to learn from the natives, to get their authentic feedbacks. The connection with native speakers will help us both in language fluency and accuracy. So here I organised a WeChat group for language exchange, our Chinese for your English(and many other languages).

How it works: Using WeChat's mini program, every day we will have a topic to talk over, you can either send a voice message or a text one to join, and a native speaker can come and comment under, providing you with valuable native feedback. And I am also planning to organise offline activities, you can join us if you happen to be in Bejing.

Add me on WeChat(brianliu17, it's also my Duo id), and i will pull you in, don't forget to mention you are a proud Duoer when you do that :p Don't worry about me posting my private info here, WeChat has a nice authentication mechanism.

About WeChat, it's one of the most popular social network tools in China. Google it if you haven't heard of it yet, it's like your Whatsapp/Line/FB messenger, only more powerful.

happy duoing!


June 27, 2018



hey i just sent you a friend request, my name is anton


你好! :-) What a great idea Brian! I might download WeChat and find you there, if that's OK with you! I need more Chinese speaking practice. I did a series of distance courses with 北京大学 taking me up to level B2 (HSK 4) but the only actual speaking practice I get is with some native Chinese speakers from Shanghai who own a shop near my house. After several months of the occasional chat, I feel rusty. So....hopefully chat to you soon! :-)


你好! 非常欢迎你的加入!!

<h1>BTW if you have been in China, you should have a wechat already, I mean how can you not having one and survive here? lol</h1>


I have never been to China actually although I have considered downloading WeChat before. I work for an export company who does business with China and next year I will be travelling to China with my boss to do business! I can't wait :-) I'm downloading WeChat right this very moment.... talk to you soon! :-)


OK, done! I've added you :-)


finally I refound you! if you are still using this platform. how can I get in touch with you again? I guess the WeChat is down for you :(

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