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  5. "On mě asi nezná."

"On asi nezná."

Translation:He probably does not know me.

June 27, 2018



Why is probably he does not know me not accepted


Can we use other wordorders here in Czech, for instance "Asi mě nezná" or "On mě nezná asi" ? Thx!!


I'll offer a GUESS... "Asi mě nezná" sounds like it might work, but "On mě nezná asi" sounds weird to me. Which is scary, since I'm not exactly a Czech expert... :-) But hopefully someone who IS will give you a better answer!


Very good instinct, if that's what it is. Sentence-initial "asi" is fine. Sentence-final "asi" sounds like an afterthought, much like HE DOES NOT KNOW ME PROBABLY.

BTW, you can respond to my "warning" question right here.


Why 'He perhaps doesn't know me' not accepted?


"Perhaps" was just missing from one of the word order groups, and I have added it; thanks.


If we want to use a verb like "čeká" or "myslí" instead of "zná" in this sentence, where would the "na" go? "On na mě asi nemyslí"? Thanks.


The preposition always goes just before the phrase it applies to. In this case, just before "mě".

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