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Where can I communicate with people in German

To learn a new language also means that you need to practice it in real life situations or at least with others. However I don't have a German friend who can help me out or with whom I can Skype. So far I didn't find anything in Duolingo to support this, but I might be wrong, since I read about groups I have no clue about what it is.

Besides the events, is there a way to practice German online with others and if so, how do I do that? If not, does somebody know a good forum I can use?

Thank you

June 27, 2018



Hi. Try conversationexchange.com or iTalki to find people. There are also apps you can use like Tandem.


Check out Hellotalk and Tandem. They are both apps where you can connect with people to practice languages.


Thank you, I will check them out!


I have the same question. Help me please. Thanks.

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