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"There are fewer men than women in the family."

Translation:In der Familie sind weniger Männer als Frauen.

March 26, 2013



Kann ich auch sagen - Es gibt weniger Maenner als Frauen in der Familie.


"Es gibt weniger Männer als Frauen in der Familie." should be accepted as an answer.


i put that too...=(


Dont forget me


What's the implication if I used "es gibt" rather than simply "sein"?

z.B "Es gibt weniger Männer als Frauen in der Familie" vs "In der Familie weniger sind Männer als Frauen".


Why is it "weniger" for the plural Männer in this sentence but in another sample sentence with wenige (not weniger) for the plural Bücher (Du hast wenige Bücher)?


It's "weniger" here because that's the word for "fewer". If you said "wenige", that would just mean "few". Look for the combination of "weniger...als..." in the sentence - that tells you it is a comparison.


thx I didn't notice it


Is weniger an adverb here since it is paired with als? And that is why it does not have to agree with Maenner?


that's what i asked myself. it's a bug i think. plural needs -e endung und not -er. -er it's used with dativ-feminin or nominativ-maskuline. here it is akkusativ-plural-unbestimmte artikel, then it does need -e.


Männer sind weniger als Frauen in der Familie. Is that acceotable?


Why is "Da sind weniger Männer als Frauen in der Familie" not correct?


How about: Die Familie hat mehrer Manner als Frauen


I think it should be "Die Familie hat mehrere Männer als Frauen". It's mehrere because "Männer" is plural. But if you were saying the opposite, then it seems like "weniger" would be correct- maybe someone else can clarify.


I don't think you could use mehrere in this case since it means several/many. You are then saying that the family has many/several men than (als) women, which would not be the same as weniger (fewer). The principle of what you are saying is close, however it would not be the best translation.


The answer said "in der familie sind weniger männer..." and "es gibt" was not an option. So if you can't use "es gibt" then how is "sind" used? I tried "männer sind weniger als frauen in der familie" but that was not acceoted. How can sind be standalone with no subject?


Why not : Männer sind weniger in der Familie als Frauen...?


It must be 'die' familie not 'der familie'


It's "der Familie" because "Familie" is feminine (=die) and "in" takes the dative here. (no movement). (=in der)

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