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Suddenly getting less/more XP for a practice

I suddenly get less or more xp for my practices, different than the normal 10. I don't do the timed ones, just the normal ones and they always gave me 10 XP, now it varies. The amount of mistakes doesn't seem to be the cause of it.

Does anyone know why we (or I) get varied XP's for our exercises?


June 27, 2018



Germans learning English are already discussing about that. https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/27780763

It seems to be in order to equalize the online version and the mobile version of Duolingo. In the mobile version you get some more than 10XP per lesson depending on the number of mistakes. In order to make the two versions more comparable, we now get 13XP per lesson, no matter how much mistakes we do.


thank you and I sadly wasn't aware there was already another thread going on. I will have a look there


It is totally ok of you, because the thread is in German.


The same thing has just started happening to me. The usual 10xp per exercise is getting slightly different xp. I have no idea why.


Same here, I often get 13xp instead of 10xp now.

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I haven't noticed it, maybe it is in Beta for some?


13XP is the new norm?


We seem to be back to 10 XP!? No problem to me, but I wonder what is going on

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