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"The captain is brave and the first officer is also brave."

Translation:yoH HoD 'ej yoH yaS wa'DIch je.

June 27, 2018



{je} follows the verb it modifies when used adverbially, so is something else going on here?


This sentence contains an error. The je needs to go after the verb, not after the subject. je after a verb is an advebial meaning also, too.

yoH HoD 'ej yoH je yaS wa'DIch.

The sentence is, of course, redundant, because either of these would mean the same thing:

yoH HoD 'ej yoH yaS wa'DIch.
yoH HoD; yoH je yaS wa'DIch.

But in this respect it's not technically wrong. We don't know if Klingon emphasizes the way English does with and also.

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