"Where were you born, in Bohemia or in Moravia?"

Translation:Kde ses narodila ty, v Čechách nebo na Moravě?

June 27, 2018

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Can someone explain why the locative for in Bohemia is 'v Čechách' but it's not 'v Moravě' for in Moravia? (or alternatively why it's not 'na Čechách'?)


I thought the "ach" ending was locative plural? Bohemia needs to be plural in this sentence?


Sorry, you are asking about the plural. Čechy is plural, it does not have any singular. Many countries are plural, like the Low Countries=the Netherlands.


Makes sense, díky


It is a location after all, in Bohemia. So locative. Na Moravě is also locative.


Can I ask, why is "in the south of Bohemia" as in the previous exercise is "v jihu Čech" whereas simply "in Bohemia" here is "v Čechách" ? Thanks


I've answered in the other exercise.

  • na jihu, na severu, na západě, na východě, na severozápadě...
  • v Čechách, v Německu, v Rakousku, v Maďarsku, v Polsku, v Evropě
  • na severu Čech, na východě Německa, na jihu Rakouska, na západě Maďarska, etc.


Then I think there may be a mistake in one of the other exercises. I wrote down in the one where we had to translate "We have two houses in the south of Bohemia" (="southern Bohemia") the correct response was given as "...v jihu Čech". I can't go back and check this easily now of course. However I appreciate that if the exercise had been written instead "We have two houses in South Bohemia" it would have been "v", but I am fairly sure it was not.


But...! We've been replying to each other in the comments under that other exercise this whole time: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/43641218 - and you can see that it's "na jihu Čech" (in the south of Bohemia). "v jihu" is certainly not accepted there. Another possibility, as I have explained, is "v jižních Čechách" (in southern Bohemia).


It is "na jihu Čech", actually. It is a direct translation of the English (in the south of Bohemia"

south - jih

in the south - na jihu

You use "na" for geographical directions . Na jihu, na severu, na západě, na východě.

in the south of Bohemia - na jihu Čech

in the south of Moravia - na jihu Moravy


I put kde jsi narodil (rest of sentence as above) and that was marked wrong, but I don't see why.


The verb is "(na-)rodit se", it's reflexive (as opposed to "(po-)rodit", which means "to give birth"). It's the same difference as between "učit" (to teach) and "učit se" (to learn), for example.

And whenever the 2nd person singular "jsi" meets with "se", they merge into "ses". Thus: "Kde ses narodil(-a)?"


Ah great, thanks.


agnus. I really like your explanations. Dekuji

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