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  5. "Anaichoma moto"

"Anaichoma moto"

Translation:He is burning it

June 27, 2018



Why is 'moto' not referred to specifically in the answer? My "he is burning the fire" was rejected. It's a good thing I can take rejection.


I could venture a guess: nimeuchoma mkate: I have burned the bread (i.e. my toast is black, but still edible after some scraping) / nimeuchoma moto mkate: same translation, but now there are only ashes left (for instance, after dropping your toast in the campfire :).

But, as I said this is just a nadharia tete and needs confirmation.

Edit: Based on this 'He burned his fingers' should be translated at alivichoma vidole vyake, and hopefully (for him) not alivichoma moto vidole vyake


I entered "anajichoma moto." I was marked correct, but I don't think that answer should be accepted. Wouldn't that translate to "he is burning himself?"


I guess all the single object prefixes can be acceptable here. kuchoma moto = burning with fire..

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