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"J'aime apprendre leur fonctionnement."

Translation:I like to learn their functioning.

March 26, 2013



Any reason "operation" does not work here instead of functioning? Their function is a bit odd to say in english.


It now accepts "I like to learn their operation", so thanks. :)


Shouldn't it be "I like learning their function."?


Function is what they do, functioning is how it's done. They are different.

[deactivated user]

    In English one would say "I like to learn their functionality" or "I like to learn how they function" , saying "I like to learn their functioning" is something you would never hear


    "Functionality" has a slightly different meaning again, closer to "function" than "functioning" (the purpose rather than how it works internally).

    "I like to learn their functioning" may be stilted, because there are more straightforward alternatives available, but it's a correct sentence that accurately translates the French. You might certainly hear someone say for example "I study the functioning of the 19th-century British legal system."

    Personally I went with "I like to learn how they work." :)


    and did duolingo accept it?


    Yes, that's what I put too, and it was accepted.


    I like to learn how they function would make the most sense in English.

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