"Does the university have three libraries?"

Translation:¿La universidad tiene tres bibliotecas?

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Can't you also ask, ?Tiene la universidad tres bibliotecas?

6 months ago

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The Spanish grammar that I, myself, learned (in my Spanish classes of the 1960s) emphasized that there was a definite word order, for questions. You can't just write it as a 'declaratory statement' (viz. a sentence) and just rely on voice inflection to turn it into a question, as they seem to do, regularly, here at this website.

The format that we learned took the subject (which is "la universidad", in this case) and placed it at "the very end" of the sentence, to turn it into a question.

Here is a visual representation of what we learned:

"La universidad ..-tiene tres bibliotecas." (A statement)

"Tiene tres bibliotecas ..-la universidad?" (A question)

NOTE: Don't worry about how this would sound in English! This is not English grammar!

Here is another (but shorter) example, demonstrating the exact same thing:

"La mujer ..-es bella." (declaratory statement, or 'sentence')

"Es bella ..-la mujer?" (interrogative...or 'question')


As you may know, I am a 'strict constructionist', when it comes to syntax and grammar, in Spanish. In many instances, in which ideas are expressed, in Spanish, one has the flexibility of saying the same thing in a number of different ways. This is 'not' one of those scenarios!

The way Duolingo does it seems to conform to the way people talk out in the street.
And, while I have no problem with people expressing themselves any way they want to (in order to be understood), there is a right way and a wrong way of saying (and writing) things, in proper Spanish.

It is my firm opinion that one must "begin the right way", in order to have a firm and proper grasp on the target language. AFTER THAT, it is "open season" (i.e., 'anything goes'...out in the 'street'), as we sometimes say, here in the United States!

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I think language should be taught for how it is. I think duolingo tries to do that.

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6 months ago


Yes, and it is accepted.

6 months ago


I typed that as an answer and it was wrong

6 months ago


I just submitted that answer and it was accepted 7/29

5 months ago


hay tres bibliotecas en la universidad? porque no?

6 months ago


That would be OK if the sentence to be translated were "Are there three libraries in the university?".

6 months ago


or, are there 3 libraries at the university? basically the same. BUT I JNEW DUO WOULDN'T ACCEPT WHEN I DECIDED TO TRY IT

6 months ago
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