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  5. "Is this a knife?"

"Is this a knife?"

Translation:taj 'oH'a' Dochvam'e'?

June 27, 2018



Tell me there's a version of this with the answer:
{ghobe', taj 'oHbe' Dochvetlh'e'. taj 'oH Dochvam'e'.}


be': taj ghaj.
loD: tajna' 'oHbe' Dochvetlh'e'. tajna' 'oH Dochvam'e'.


Added! (The man's line.)


I'd love to hear the Aussie Klingon accent...


There is an Aussie Klingon speaker who has been to a few qep'a'. I know she hopes to get to more in the future, but he situation makes it tough right now. If you ever make it to the qep'a', maybe you'll get lucky and she'll be there.


Wondering how to say, from Macbeth: "Is this a dagger I see before me?"

Perhaps: taj 'oH'a' jIH tlhopDaq vIleghbogh Dochvam'e' ?


Close. A very literal translation would be taj 'oH'a' jIH tlhopDaq Doch'e' vIleghbogh Is the thing which I see before me a knife?

A smoother translation, not trying to copy the English syntax, might be jIH tlhopDaq taj vIlegh'a'? Do I see a knife before me?

Perhaps the best fit for the language, but not similar to the original English, might be jIH tlhopDaq tajHey vIlegh I see an apparent knife before me.

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