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"I am a Klingon and I am a warrior."

Translation:tlhIngan jIH 'ej SuvwI' jIH.

June 28, 2018


[deactivated user]

    Could this be written “tlhIngan SuvwI’ je jIH”?


    It would mean the same thing, yes. I am a Klingon and I am a warrior can be colloquially reduced to I am a Klingon and a warrior (just as jISoptaH 'ej jItlhutlhtaH I am eating and I am drinking can colloquially be reduced to I am eating and drinking), and I am a Klingon and a warrior can also be translated as tlhIngan SuvwI' je jIH.


    Quite right; this is now an accepted translation. Thanks!


    In another exercise we had maw' torgh 'ej QIp as a grammatically correct statement. Why is tlhIngan jIH 'ej SuvwI' not correct?


    Because QIp by itself is a complete sentence and SuvwI' by itself is not a complete sentence.

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