"The liver is not in the chest."

Translation:Die Leber ist nicht im Brustkorb.

June 28, 2018

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What is the difference between Brust and Brustkorb?


Why is 'Die Leber ist im Brustkorb nicht.' wrong?


Good question, but it sounds definitely odd. I would expect to read this order in a poem to create a rhyme with -icht, but not in a normal conversation.


I think when you're negating a sentence which gives a position, you negate the location itself, because ultimately the thing you're talking has to be somewhere, so negating the verb sounds weird.


The placement of the word "nicht" in German sentences is incredibly complicated and confusing. For this specific question, "nicht" always comes before adverbs (except specific adverbs of time). "Im Brustkorb" is an adverb of place (identifying a location), so "nicht" comes before it. "Die Leber ist nicht im Brustkorb."


How would say "Die Leber findet sich nicht im Brustkorb" correctly? Idk what I did wrong and I'm just trying to find the different ways of saying the same thing.


You would use the verb "befinden," not "finden." Die Leber befindet sich nicht im Brustkorb."


Why not "Die Leber steht nicht im Brustkorb" ?

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