"The priest blesses my bull."

Translation:Voktys ñuhi vandis ojehiksa.

June 28, 2018

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Sometimes it's nuhi, sometimes it's nuhys for vandis. I need an explanation.


The adjective agrees with the noun's case, in this case the accusative, even when the noun itself has an accusative form that is identical to the nominative (which is the case for vandis).


Vandis is nominative and accusative singular for bull, so Nuhys (nom. sing. terr.) or Nuhi (acc. sing. terr.) help figure out this bull role (subject or object of the sentence).

Vandissa is also both nominative and accusative, so the plurals for "my" are respectivly Nuhyz and Nuhii (sorry no macron/long i on my keyboard)


That's normative plural, I think.

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