"Can you bring two forks, please?"

Translation:¿Puede traer dos tenedores, por favor?

5 months ago



Is this not puedes instead of puede if there is no formal usted after? Thanks

5 months ago

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You can use the you-formal puede without also using the usted. The usted is understood.
¿Puedes ...? should also work, assuming you're talking to someone you're familiar with.

5 months ago


I translated: ?Puede llevas dos tenedores, por favor? Elsewhere in Duolingo lessons, I thought they used llevar for verb "to bring" for which I thought "you bring" would be "llevas". I also see the verb Traer means "to carry" or "to bring." Is "Traer" the only correct answer or does llevas also mean "you bring"?

3 months ago


Use llevar if what you mean is to transport something to a location different from where you are. Use traer if you mean to transport something from somewhere else to your location.

In English we get a little loose with "bring" and "take," using them fairly interchangeably or imbuing them with meanings that aren't really directional, but in Spanish direction matters considerably more. (The same issue comes up with ir and venir, to go and to come.)

3 months ago
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