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What is the difference between 'Du bist ein Mädchen' and 'Ihr seid ein Mädchen'?

What is the difference between 'Du bist ein Mädchen' and 'Ihr seid ein Mädchen'?

June 28, 2018



"Ihr seid" is the plural form, so the correct form of the second sentence is "Ihr seid Mädchen". Someone correct me if I'm wrong


that's correct :)
(unless somehow you are talking to a group of people who between them make one girl... perhaps a team game where team A's avatar is a girl. In those circumstances, you might say to team A: "You (all) are a girl").


Basically are you right, but shrutinh used "Ihr seid ein Mädchen". Four people can not be one girl. I explained it in another comment in this discussion.


Four people can not be one girl.

...except perhaps, in a team game where...


That still would not sound like making sense here. People would look confused at you. ^^


"Du bist ein Mädchen" menas "You are a girl" (singular – you're talking to 1 person)

"Ihr seid Mädchen" menas "You are girls" (plural - you're talking to a group of people)


Ihr seid Mädchen (no ein) = Yall are girls/ you guys are girls (observe we also use no a in English)

Then as you know already

Du bist ein Mädchen = you’re a Girl

Basically what I am trying to get at is 'ihr seid' being 'yall are' not 'you are plural'


"Du bist ein Mädchen" means "you are a girl"

but more persons can not be ONE girl! "Ihr seid ein Mädchen" is the polite form of the first sentence. There is no difference between the contents of the word, but in the way of saying.

The german polite form is actually quite simple: you write about one person using the pronouns and the verbforms of the third person singular, just always capitalize the first letter of the pronoun and you're safe :)


Good point! I always forget the Pluralis Majestatis Ihr form.


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