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  5. "What did you say, Torg?"

"What did you say, Torg?"

Translation:nuqjatlh, torgh?

June 28, 2018



Can you say"Torg, what did you say?".


Can you say"Torg, what did you say?".

That's a possible English sentence and would be a good translation of torgh, nuqjatlh?.

But in this case, you're being asked to translate nuqjatlh, torgh? with the name at the end, so the expected translation has the name at the end as well.

Klingon word order is rather different from English word order so we tend to be fairly strict about not re-arranging word order where this is not necessary for grammatical reasons.


Would someone break down "nuqjatlh"? I'm not sure, but I think it's like this: "nuq" = "what" and "jatlh" = "say" / "speak". Can anyone confirm?


The exclamation nuqjatlh does not follow normal grammar rules and cannot be broken down according to them. This is not a normal sentence/question. It is an exclamation spoken when you don't understand or don't believe what someone has said. It's like exclaiming "What?!" in the same situation in English. It's not a complete sentence and there's no grammar to apply. Though your analysis noting that it appears to be the words nuq ("what?") and jatlh ("say/speak") smashed together seems reasonable. I guess in this way, it is very similar to the English exclamation, "Say what?"

To properly and grammatically say, "What did you say?", you might say nuq Dajatlhpu'?

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