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Browser vs. app version

I'm learning so much more from Duolingo's browser version! This had been suggested by someone on a video, so I gave it a try. (Of course, you can use the browser version on a cell, but it's really unwieldy.) The tips aren't accessible in the app, and I'm finding them invaluable, especially before starting a new "branch" of the tree. And I like the challenge of typing the entirety of the answers rather than the choice of a word bank. Just my two cents!

June 28, 2018



I just tried the browser app today and I think it is much better than the android app version. There are so many things that are not in the app so I will rather use the browser version.


you're absolutely right! there are another points to see: the discussions are not available on the app (at least on android), there are less functions and you don't have the ability to write sentences if you like, you are forced to the damn tiles :(

on the other side there is stuff programmed that is not available here, sadly because I'd like to use both on both media


I'm not sure I understand what you mean by writing sentences versus tiles. Where is that?


you have tiles to choose whole words to create a sentence instead of typing it


Oh, I see. Yes. That's what I meant by typing vs. word bank choice.

As a side note, I love Duolingo and am grateful for both versions...the app is nice in a pinch when you're away from a bigger keyboard. But the browser really rocks!


That's my main complaint about the app too. I learn far more when I don't use the word bank


I use the app version to earn lingots by doing practice to complete my daily goal (which gives me chests containing lingots) and I do lessons on the web version. Doing this, I can combine the pros of both the variants of Duolingo and use them together!


I wondered where the chests went! That's a great idea!!


I miss Translation section :(


Wie geht's, im_benj! What do you mean exactly?


The iOS version has a nice UI but the lives thing where you lose help needs to be removed. That one thing makes the app a complete non starter for me.


Agreed. Two more cents. I like to use the app when I'm away from my laptop & have a little free time. Doing a lot of copying & pasting with the tips.


Cut-and-paste is a great idea.


I think they should make tips accessible on the app.


hey susan242221 at the bottom of the the word bank you can change from word banks to typing the words on the web hope that helps ;)


Hi, there. I know but not on the app, at least Android. That was one of my points.


I understood they are not made to replace each other but complete. App version is for times when you don't have access to your computer, for instance when you are waiting for something, walking, sitting in a bus or having lunch a break. It is easy and accessible, you don't have to take your computer out, start it up and search for a place to sit down.

The same exercises are way faster in computer because you type faster, also you can use shortcuts and the speed is very important when you want to pass the easy or repetitive parts. It is almost impossible to finish the tree using the app only because finishing the lesson takes so much more time and when you finally do, the previous parts start losing their gold. Also, there are no discussions in the app and probably no labs (at least I haven't noticed).


Yes, the two versions complement each other nicely.


the app version also has clubs


I don't know what you are talking about, the only difference between the app (iOS here) and the browser is the ability to always type your answer in using a keyboard on browser, when in the app you are only able to type the answers that require your default lang.


I have an Android so it may be different, but I can't access Tips and Notes from the app.


Other than that honestly, nothing else.


And typing versus choosing from the word bank is not available on the app. You have to think harder doing it yourself. I do like the "match the pairs," though.


How come I can see a group on my cell but not on my laptop version of Duolingo? (I belong to a Duolingo Spanish club, but it's only visible on the phone)


i think you have to follow the discussion ;)


I love using the app but the only thing keeping me from using it is the heart system. Its just very annoying failing 5 times and you cant use it again unless you refill it or practice to it throws me off but the browser lets me use it as long as i want. I also love the club system on the app :)


Thanks for pointing this out! I am not a big fan of the mobile version anymore. The whole "lives" thing being something you have to earn back by doing repetitive "practices" is a huge buzzkill, especially if you're someone who has done a course and wants to do specific modules. I am also not a huge fan of the inability to do the "Jump to Level x" feature on the app. For some of the very early modules, me having to do 20 lessons of "Yes, No, Hello, Goodbye" etc is ridiculous.

I just use the online version and occasionally use the app the practice/keep streak alive.

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