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"Ma'am, take a taxi over there."

Translation:Señora, tome un taxi allá.

1 month ago



When should I use allá vs por allí? Both were accepted here, but are they always interchangeable?

1 month ago


First, it should be noted that this sentence is a command because the verb is inflected with the -e (command) ending.

Second, from what I read, using "allí" or "allá" is a matter of nuance. "Allí" is a more specific, perhaps condensed area than "allá." "For example, "Allí está mi sombrero en la esquina/"There is my hat in the corner.." "Allá," on the other hand, is a far distance whose dimensions are vague. "La aurora está allá/The dawn is there."

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2 weeks ago


Why not "Señora, tome usted un taxi alli"

1 week ago