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  5. "Mtakula wali"

"Mtakula wali"

Translation:You will eat cooked rice

June 28, 2018



In Swahili, cooked and uncooked rice use different words, but in English, it's just rice. "Cooked rice" and "rice" should both be accepted.


I agree. And if you are eating rice it is probably cooked, so you shouldn't have to specify that. (i.e. "rice" means cooked rice in this context.)


Yeah. I mean, if someone was eating uncooked rice, that's something you'd want to specify, but cooked rice is the norm.


"You will eat rice" should be accepted. I know there is a difference in Swahili between cooked and uncooked rice but if you are eating it, the norm is that it is already cooked. So in English it is weird to specify that "You will eat cooked rice". Reported 2018-12-10

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