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  5. "That book is very small."

"That book is very small."

Translation:Ce livre est très petit.

March 26, 2013



Is it ok to say "Ce livre est tout petit" also, or is this construction only valid for people and not objects?


You could say that. For instance, "Cet animal est tout petit" This animal is very small, can work. But the closest translation is with "très"


For those who might make the same mistake as me:

I wrote Cela livre est très petit and the owl crossed out my cela and said it should be ce. I thought the whole point of cela is that it clarifies that vs. this (ceci). However, the owl is right. These only work as pronouns:


If you want to clarify in the adjective case (as in here), you would have to use the -ci and -là as suffixes after the noun:


So I suppose I could have written Ce livre-là .... I have no idea what the owl would have said about that!


I actually put "Ce livre-la (with the accent)" and the owl spit on it :(


"spit is also sometimes used for the past tense and past participle, especially in North American English"


I do appreciate your help though, but as English is my native language and I'm not an English major or author, I hope you'll forgive me if I continue using the word as I have been my whole life


Oh . Sorry. In my part of the world, that would be totally wrong,but, vive la difference.


I hate that owl. He's so damn smug.


So what is wrong with Ce livre-la (accent grave)?


There shouldn't be anything wrong with it - coming from a non-native speaker.

If Duo still rejects it, it needs to be reported as an error


I also think ce livre - là should not have been spit OR spat upon!

[deactivated user]

    why not "ce livre est plus petit"


    Why is "cet" wrong?


    cet is only used for for masculine nouns that start with a vowel. So: Cet arbre, but ce livre.

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