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We all know how dubious g**gle translate and others are when it comes to German language might i suggest Duolingo translate as a option that might be considered by Duolingo going forward?

June 28, 2018



You mean, incorporate a translation programme into Duolingo?

I think if even G**gle doesn't manage anything better than their translator, Duolingo would hardly have the resources to do better, even if they decided to dedicate all their (quite limited) resources (i.e., the time of their volunteers) to building a translator.

I suggest:

  • https://www.deepl.com/translator is quite good at translating sentences

  • the www.leo.org dictionary knows a lot of words, and the forum community has contributed many discussions on idioms

  • www.linguee.com - besides its dictionary function - shows the usage of words within contexts (text excerpts) on bilingual websites


Here is something also to consider


I think we are all in our best interest to just use a collection of dictionaries for our work, off site. Here is one that is really good


Plus we must also consider Duolingo's system, it's not that good, it does what it needs to, but it couldn't support a translator (to my knowledge)


I have watched a video recently where Luis vanAhn (Duolingo bigwig) stated in 2011 he would create a site called Duolingo to translate the internet by feeding the language learners tiny bits of language to translate. A computer would piece together the bits to coherent sentences. So, they got the resources, but not for on-time translations needed for an internet translator


Mind sharing me the video (if you can't find it totally ok)


Actually, I think Google Translate is surprisingly good. It's up to the user not to mis-use it, i.e. not translate into a language one does not know well or use it for single words.

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