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Experience point boost - updated system with new mastery tree?

I'm working in the German skill tree and recently got all of my skills up to at least level 2, with some at level 3. Now that I'm moving through and working each one up to 3, I noticed that when I finish a lesson I'm getting "+13" instead of "+10" - is anyone else having something similar happen?

I'm wondering if it's tied to the status of the total tree, or to the level of the individual skill. It may have been happening for a while, but I only just noticed it today. Would love to hear if someone else has a similar experience (or if someone saw an announcement of some sort)!

June 29, 2018



Also noticed this. I was wondering if it had to with the level of the crowns for a subject. Think it has occurred since the test out feature was added.


Test out hasn't been added to every user - it's not live on my account yet, actually. I guess we'll see if the increased points continue!

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