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How to get German books?

Hi I'm Hollyleaf. I love reading, but the thing is, I can't find books in German. I thank you to the person that showed me youtube audio of the Erin Hunter Warriors Series. But, I still don't know how to get like German books, at like a physical location, like Barnes and Noble. (Particularly the Warrior Cats Series by Erin Hunter). Any help from the readers out there?

Thank you SO much for your replies!


And a follow up question. Should I start reading right now or wait till I'm at a higher level? (I've read the series A LOT and probably could guess out some stuff, but still).

Any help is welcome!

June 29, 2018



Hello! I will give you some books online, you can always print them if you want a physical copy. However you will probably need to see a university library for free physical books or buy them online, which I don't think is worth it.

It's never too early to start reading, the earlier you do it the faster it gets easier :)









Thank you for saying thank you! No on does it much anymore.


I came here looking for coppers and found the mountain of gold you left behind. Thank you.


i totally recommend you for moderator DrewPolyglot! give it a shot, and tell them i said so!


don't forget the Gutenberg Projekt (www.gutenberg.org) where you can find thousends of e-books for free (mostly classics, but hey, beggars can't be choosers).


Hallo! And if you have nothing against e-books http://www.loyalbooks.com/language/German?type=all (some e-books in several formats, some audio-books, and some in both form to train your ear as well as your reading ability). One of my favorite sites.


If you're in the USA and you want to buy physical books, I suggest using the website of the International Book Import Service. They have many German language books in stock in their warehouse in Tennessee.

The Goethe Institut and many colleges and universities have their students order german language course books from there as well.

The cheaper option for shipping from there is not the default, but instead choose "other shippers" and select USPS (US Postal Service). Even the 2-day priority mail shipping is cheaper than UPS for me.


wow i never knew that, thanks!


Hi Hollyleaf! If you're really set on buying at a physical location, I can't help much, but I've found it easy to get books via amazon.de. The shipping cost to the US is less than I expected, although you have to be a little patient with the delivery time. Personally, I find it very pleasant having something to look forward to in my mailbox for a while.

Here's their Warrior Cats section:

As for your follow-up question, my advice is, read lots! Don't let it take up all your time (spend some time doing harder things like writing, speaking, and practicing grammar too), but you will enrich your vocabulary and simply enjoy your time with the language more if you read things you like.


cool thank you for your input!


Check your local library. Even if your library doesn't have books in German, you may be able to do an inter-library loan through them to get German books from other libraries. I was able to get a bunch of German children's books from my library this way, and it's completely free as long as you return them on time!


Our local library sells books it does not want to shelve, among them many in foreign languages. I bought quite a few there. They are used and therefore cheap.


you should probably wait till you are a higher level, and by the way I love the Warrior cat series to!!!

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