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  5. "qeylIS luHoH SuvwI'pu'."

"qeylIS luHoH SuvwI'pu'."

Translation:The warriors killed Kahless.

June 29, 2018



"qeylIS luHo' SuvwI'pu'." Me: Oh, that's nice. "qeylIS luHoH SuvwI'pu'." Me: O_O


At least now you understand the importance of clearly pronouncing the final H in HoH.


Well thats....... Mobid....


jIQoch. ngay''a' chav rIntaH qeylIS!
I disagree. Kahless achieved the ultimate glory!


[I agree.]


Well it may be glorious, but I am still not convinced this is the best way to treat someone you've been admiring for several sentences.


I've just got the "repeat what you hear", with one of the female voices. I'm convinced I heard "buHoH" - which even was accepted as answer, even though I then realized there is no bu- . I think the sample is called "__lottie_element_2119"?

So, I'm probably mishearing it (new headphones), but the answer definitely shouldn't have been accepted. Why does this happen anyway? I understand having problems with upper/lower case, and even the apostrophe - but bu- instead of lu- is completely different?


I truly cannot hear anything that sounds like a bu- there, but David says he does too, so I've re-recorded it. It will go live next time Duo refreshes the audio: up to ten days.

I have old headphones, so maybe there's something I'm missing in the fidelity.


I hear what you're hearing. The sentence should be recorded again, because it DOES sound like buHoH, and buHoH is not a word in Klingon.

Qov is speaking, first sentence on this page: https://www.duolingo.com/dictionary/Klingon/luhoh/d0809c5e87662366626b2b152106a4a8


The system automatically accepts one letter substitutions as a typo and the listening exercises never tell you when you have a typo. It seems like a bad way for the system to work if you ask me, but the staff have known about it for a long time and still haven't changed it, so I guess it doesn't seem urgent to them. I recommend you submit it as a bug report: https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/articles/204728264-How-do-I-report-a-bug-

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