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Help needed in preparation for my DTZ B1 exam

Hi all,

I am planning to take the DTZ B1 exam next month. Do you guys have any tips or recommendations for me to help in my preparation? Bit scared though :)


June 29, 2018



Before my proficency test I binge watched Easy German, maybe that will help you too?


Hi, first of all, good luck! Even if it is a bit scary, B1 is very doable, and you'll feel proud when you've done it. The reading and listening exercises are not hard to prepare for on your own. Speaking and writing are harder, though. If you've never actually written a short essay or letter, it's good to get a teacher who's familiar with the test style to go over these exercises with you. Get used to writing with a time limit and without reference materials at hand. I had to learn to overcome my tendency to want to look everything up, and learn how to make do with what I already had in my head. The same goes for speaking. 30 minutes or an hour spent practicing with a native speaker... can be humbling, but it'll do much more for your test preparation than any amount of time spent on Duolingo or similar practice sites. They're good at what they do, it just doesn't target all the specific skills that the B1 test demands.

If you haven't already tried the popular Nicos Weg course, it is very full of the kind of vocabulary, topics and situations that you're likely to encounter on your exam and it gives a lot of help in learning ways to express your opinions, feelings, suggestions, things like that which B1 emphasizes. Here:



Update; I passed my DtZ B1 with good scores :-). Thanks all for tips

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