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How much time do you invest everyday to actually feel that you are learning something?

I'm into a 2 weeks streak but I feel that I need something more beyond what I have: which means that I'd like to meet people to practice german but at the level of a conversation. Because I'm limited in that point, and I know that the time I take to learn some grammar and listening need to be completed by a phase of speaking. How do you manage to speak german, where it's difficult to find souls which speak it?

I'm open to learn because I like languages and it's like adventure in which I want to overcome myself with the desire of leisure and knowledge besides travelling and working and whatever it comes, it should be fun.

June 29, 2018

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You could try seeing if there are Duolingo Events near you, or Meetups, or try using Amikumu to find German speakers nearby.

Also check if there's a German club or association in your area.

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