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Many languages at once?

While I'm concentrating on German, I often do a lesson in French or Spanish, but that sometimes gets confusing. I think I'd be better off getting to a high level of competency In German before delving into any other language. Should just drop the other two, or is there a study methodology involved in carrying more than one language? What are the pros and cons?

June 29, 2018



Get an understanding of German and then gradually start to pick up Spanish or French.


You should rather focus on one language, preferably the one you declare the most useful. If you have the basic rules and are able to have a conversation in one language, you can start learning a second one and a third one later and so on.


I like doing lots at once. I admit it is sometimes confusing but on the other hand if they are very similar it feels like I'm getting two for the price of one so to speak. :)
Everyone is different though, so do whatever you feel most comfortable with. I tend to concentrate on some languages more than others.


i would just focus on your favorite for a wile


I also vote for getting a better understanding in German, before starting on another one. I would also do only one of the other two at a time, because Spanish and French are a bit similar. It can get confusing, but is up to you. Some people can manage, but I decided to dedicate at least a year to learning French before retaking German again.


I don’t really think it’s a question if you should drop them or not if you’re confused


I asked how many languages I should learn at once and someone said to me that you can do as many as you want. You can always put some on hold for as long as you need and I think that applies to you as well you can wait and concentrate on one language if you need or want to. or do them all at once. You just need practice and time to fully grasp them.


Hello, many years ago i bought three Collins dictionaries, one in German, one Spanish and a French one too, but because i have a German friend and have never been to Spain or France i naturally spend more time on German than the others. Plus its a putting-in the time thing and do i really have a good enough reason to learn much Spanish and French? probably not. But as an English man i felt it was worth knowing a little of the main western European languages, but that has faded a bit. I thought a great percentage of the World [or Europe] at least speaks French, Spanish or German so i thought it would be advantageous but is it really? i ask myself.


Years ago, I tried to learn two languages at once. They both suffered completely - and that was at the very basic levels. Pronunciation suffered horribly on both of them. I learned that I need to get a solid grip on alphabet, pronunciation, and some basic stuff before taking on a second one. I think having six months of solid daily practices may be the earliest point to think about a second language. For me, once i can sit down and read a children's book - age five, then I could think of a second language. Until then I am still learning - and that is just my personal opinion.


Robert: I've concluded the same thing. Also, I find that I do better by studying each lesson to the 5 level before moving on to the next lesson. Thanks for your response.


i watch these videos to help with pronunciation and vocabulary. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hbJJt6D1vYA

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