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  5. "My name is Mara."

"My name is Mara."

Translation:mara 'oH pongwIj'e'.

June 29, 2018



Can anyone possibly explain " 'oH " and what purpose it serves in this sentence? I understand that pong/ name is the subject, wlj indicates my, but what does 'oH and 'e' used for?


That's simply how Klingon forms "to be" sentences with a noun as the subject -- 'oH (or ghaH or bIH or chaH, depending on how many nouns there are and whether they can speak) is used to link the subject to the predicate, and the subject has to have the -'e' suffix.

For example:

  • torgh 'oH pongwIj'e'. "My name is Torg." ('oH for a single noun that can't speak)
  • tlhIngan ghaH torgh'e'. "Torg is a Klingon." (ghaH for a single noun that can speak)
  • Ha'DIbaHmey bIH yIHmey'e'. "Tribbles are animals." (bIH for a plural noun that can't speak)
  • tlhInganpu' chaH HoDpu''e'. "The captains are Klingons." (chaH for a plural noun that can speak)

You can't really separate out an individual role to the 'oH or the -'e'; they're simply part of the grammatical model of how a "to be" sentence works in standard Klingon.


I think SummerMink is asking what do 'oH and 'e' mean, since their hover-tips don't work.

'oH is a pronoun that means it. 'e' is a pronoun that means that (previous sentence).

Normally, you just use 'oH like any other pronoun: HoS 'oH It is strong. Pronouns used in basic sentences like this are usually dropped. You can just say HoS to mean It is strong.

When you want to link a noun with a pronoun, you simply put the pronoun after the noun. veQDuj 'oH It is a garbage scow (veQDuj means garbage scow.) It's about equal to saying Me Tarzan.

When you want to link two nouns, to say one noun is another noun, you put the topic noun after the rest of it and put the topic suffix -'e' on it. veQDuj 'oH Duj'e' The ship is a garbage scow, As for the ship, it is a garbage scow.

All the other pronouns can be linked to nouns (HoD jIH I am the captain), but only the third person pronouns 'oH, bIH, ghaH, and chaH can link two nouns together.

'e' is more complicated, and you'll come to that in another lesson.


Thank you both! I was just a bit confused as it hadn't been covered yet fully and is not super clearly explained by either the Klingon Dictionary or Klingon for the galactic traveler, which can usually clear up my confusion when something new comes up. You've explained it beautifully and covered all my concerns. I was curious about how they are used individually, but it makes more sense that they would be used together to link nouns.

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